What it means to be Shallow…

I finally decided to bite the bullet – I rented Shallow Hal. My brother was telling me that it wasn’t that great of a movie. Well, to my surprise, it was a helluva movie. It was probably the best romance-comedy I’ve seen for a long time. Which makes sense, because my brother is truly an epitome of shallow. Up until I watched this movie today, I was following in his sad footprints.

The movie was so good, I dropped the movie off at Blockbuster, went to Wal-Mart, and bought myself a copy. Oh, yeah.

To those of you who’ve seen it, I bet that many of you were presented with a concept that you really didn’t want to hear – inner beauty. The majority of the world is shallow, unfortunately, because we are presented with an image of perfection, and what we are striving to be. Hollywood is evil in this aspect, and as a result, many people, including myself, got sucked into an idea of how I should look and how my future significant other should look. Oh, how sad this is.

Shari, my ex-girlfriend, wasn’t exactly what you would call, the prettiest flower in the garden, but because of her personality and cuteness, I considered her to be the most beautiful girl in the world to me. When I look back at all the good times we had, it seemed almost surreal, like I was looking at somebody else and not myself. After we broke up, I slowly learned the truth that a lot of guys didn’t like me because she was… well, not up to their standards. At the same time, I also earned a lot of girls’ respect. but I didn’t care about that at the time. I still don’t, really.

I don’t consider myself to be a hottie, a delectable dish, a hunk, or whatever other terms are being used these days. I’m a g33k, plain and simple. I’m not good with people, I never was. I finally came to grips with my sexuality. I’m not quite gay, but I’m not quite straight. At the moment, I could go either way, or I could go both ways. I figured that if I was straight, I wouldn’t have an eye for men, and if I was gay, I wouldn’t have an eye for women. So, I’m just stuck in the middle at the moment – at a crossroads of sorts.

So, what am I trying to say? I’m not really looking for anybody, but “you can’t choose who you fall in love with”. If somebody drops into my lap, I’m not going to ignore it, unless they’re not my type. Oh, what IS my type? Wouldn’t YOU like to know? ^_~

Just kidding. Here is a list of qualities I usually look for:
cute – an absolute MUST, and I don’t mean cute-looking, just cute in personality (look at Japan’s pop culture and you’ll get an idea of what I mean)
mature – you gotta know WHEN there is a time to be serious
logical – gotta have somebody to match wits with
Chinese or Japanese – this is optional, but I would find it easier to relate to somebody who was raised the same way I was
self-confident – because I need somebody to tell me that I’m not stupid instead of telling me how stupid/fat/ugly/whatever they are

Notice how I didn’t put in sense of humor, smart, possesses sub-space weapons, etc.? Please, it’s common sense for everybody to have these qualities. If you don’t, then you’re not human. Either that, or you’re Mizuho-sensei. Hahaha! Whoa, this became a longer rant than I planned! Oops.

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  1. WELCOME to the “CROSSROADS“!! I’ll be your tour guide ^_~ Ahead of us you’ll notice 3 routes in which you can take to your un-decided sexual orientation! :D

    *pushes right* you’re straight!! O_O
    *pushes left* wait, you’re gay!! >D
    *pushes down* bwahaha~ now you’re BI!! XD And I guess this makes you a “bottom”, seein’s how I’m now on top, w00t! tee hee hee~ ;p

    I’m so bad, I’ll quit ^_^` Anyway, I’m gonna respond later, but I gotta go to bed e.e “z’s” are lookin’ pretty delectible at this moment u.u . o 0 zzz . . .


  2. Why did I have a gut feeling that as soon as I posted this, you’d remark about that? Hehehe!

    Ohhhhh, so there’s a DOWN direction! I thought the crossroads would be like a four-way crossing or something. Don’t even THINK about it. ^_^

    So, you’re on top, huh? Well, I AM kind of a bottom person… :P Hahahaha!

  3. O.O; I’m actually vers (versatile) . . .

    hmm~ a 4-way? Sounda pretty kinky ^_~ tee hee hee~


  4. More like ~Ayu-mi-naughty~

    Hey… that sounds suspiciously like “illuminati”…

  5. meh either way you swing hun your still you. i find it shocking that people dont see that. i will admit that i personaly beleive that everyone in the world is basicaly bisexual, but we each have preferences. just be yourself. dat a good thing *nods lots*

  6. rivendarkangel says

    … Never lacking random associations.

    Like the random street organ removal fund? (Did I get that one right?)

  7. rivendarkangel says

    “you can’t choose who you fall in love with.” One of my favorite lines of all time, in truth. Either way, I know you’ll find what you need. Everyone does. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, whether you consider yourself bi, straight, gay, (other) or whatever, hey, everyone finds that special guy/girl/animal/object that just makes em fluter. I, myself, simply stopped discriminating by way of gender a long time. If a couch presented me with enough humour and intelligence to beat out a girl or three (not hard) or ended up sexy enough to attract me more than any guy (not hard again) then I’d go for that and bedamned with socially acceptable conceptions of love.
    I’m rambling, sorry. I just needed to make a Random Inappropriate Dropoff Of Humor (R.I.D’OH™) and lighten an already light-seeming post. Just remember, whenever you get safe and comfortable in your den of depravity, you’ll start forgetting I exist and then you’ll turn around and I’ll be there… Doin’ Stuff!

  8. MugenHAN A: That’s a neat concept. Never thought of that before.
    MugenHAN B: That’s because you’re a baka!
    MugenHAN C: Bakabakabaka!
    MugenHAN A: … Who the heck are you guys?
    MugenHAN B: We’re you.
    MugenHAN C: Like he said.
    MugenHAN A: And I’m having this conversation with myself because…?
    MugenHAN B: Dunno.
    MugenHAN C: Ditto.
    MugenHAN A: Okaaaaay…
    MugenHAN B: Ooh, Pocky!
    MugenHAN A: …

  9. Random Organ Removal Foundation.

    Man: Hey, do you have a heart?
    Bystander: What?
    Man: Do you have a heart?
    Bystander: Of course I do!
    Man: Are you sure?
    Bystander: Yeah, I’m sure, you wacko!
    Man: Here. (Hands the bystander a stethoscope.)
    Bystander: (Checks for his heartbeat.) Wh-what the?!?! Where’s my heartbeat?!?!
    Man: Well, you see, last night…

    Another victim of the Random Organ Removal Foundation™.

    OMG, what an OLD joke!!! Hahahaha!!!

  10. Poppycock! I’ll choose who the hell I fall in love with, dammit!!! It sure as hell won’t be that devil’s katakana! Hehehe. I read that quote from Genma’s Daughter. You know, that Ranma Nibun no Ichi fanfict I’ve read five times (currently on the 6th time right now). I swear, the more I read it, the more I want to be a girl. Probably not a healthy aspiration, but… oh, well. ^_^

    Honto ni? One can be object inclined? I guess I DO love my Japanese hobbies a bit too much… :P

    Ah, yes. The R.I.D’OH. Don’t mention that again, please. Remember what happened the last time with the fireball and that light switch that did nothing?

  11. You sir have WAY too much free time e.e;

  12. (HMM I want to see Shallow Hal now! I never thought it would be that good of a movie but I feel convinced now…)

    Anyway, well I agree with what some other people have said, and you’ll just find someone that you’re in love with someday. What I disagree with is, if you’re BI, you might never be satisfied with settling down with a guy or a girl..so you’d always require being single to have phases of both? Ah well, when you fall in love and have the opportunity to start “looking around” for your mate, everything will fit into place :D

  13. *lmao* cute *LOL*

  14. But it feels like I don’t have enough free time.

  15. Yeah, instead of being just flat-out stupid (like Dumb and Dumber), this movie was funny at parts and touching at parts, while getting right down to the issues of being shallow. Like my friend, the tiger, would say, “It’s grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!”

    Everything will fit into place? Gee, I hope so. I don’t wanna be a function without a function header or function call in the huge world of C, that’s for sure.

  16. Well, I was going more for humorous, but I guess if you find having two split personalities to talk to cute, then by all means. ^_^

  17. *lmao* meh its useful having two personalitys. acutly most people do. one for work and one for home! *_*

  18. I have three! One for online/home, which is my main persona; one for work, which is my professional persona; and one for other socialization, which is my “just enough to do common tasks and conversation with the least throughput” persona. All three are me, and they are constantly at war with each other.

  19. *L* it sucks when they dont agree on things isnt it?? ya wanna just sit and argue with yourself but also dont want others to know how crazy you are!

  20. No kidding. O_o

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