When it rains, it pours.

Hoo-boy, ain’t that ever the truth.

(The previous sentence has been brought to you by English teachers all over the world.)

So, the fever(?) receded yesterday, but I was feeling bloated and hungry(?)/nauseated(?) yesterday. I drank some Ho Yan Hor last night, and it helped me feel even more bloated, but not hungry(?)/nauseated(?). However, the stomach cramps came back again later on, so I had some hot water while reading some of Esmond’s Shonen Jump (man, I’ve gotten hardcore into One Piece and Hikaru No Go). Later on, the hot water helped my stomach to settle down, so I went to bed at a staggeringly late 4:00 AM (Eugene was STILL playing his new guitar).

I woke up this morning, albeit a little tired, but feeling pretty damn good! I love that feeling you have when you wake up the next morning after you’ve been sick for a while. So, with a hop and a skip, I got dressed, queued up my torrents for the day, and drove Esmond to school and myself to work. When I got to work… wait, I should go back.

On Friday, I freaking lost the access card key to the building. I retraced all my steps to find it, but it was gone. The only place I knew I could’ve dropped it was in front of the loading doors, but I couldn’t find it. It also didn’t help that the blasted card was as white as the snow. I was screwed. They were gonna tell my boss to fire my ass.

However, when I got to work this morning, I told security about the lost card, and they said they could just deactivate the card and issue me a new one, so it was no problem. Sweeto! Not only that, but to make my day brighter, my first shipment of manga arrived! YAY!!!

I just finished breakfast, and my stomach feels fine so far. Yes!

I’m thinking of ordering in some Hikaru No Go manga, and a go board, just so I can learn to play and figure out what the heck is going on in the games. I’d also like to learn shogi, but I’ll save that for later.

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