Who Knows?

Good news! I got the job and I start on the 9th! Yay!

Bad news, though… I got the job and I start on the 9th. Aw, man.

Not much is new. The music shop finally got in violin strings. Forty bucks, though. Ouch!

Wasted my whole Sunday spending $77 on half-decent dim sum for three (O_O) and playing StarCraft with James-see.

I can’t wait to start at my new job, then he won’t be able to find me at work again.

Huh? What was that? I didn’t say anything.

I’m well into Chapter 4 of The Longest Journey. All that time spent… and I just found out that there are 13 chapters. Hooray! By the time I finish the game, Dreamfall should be out on time. Hehehe.

On another note, Lee’s hottie sister, Laura, is leaving back to Vancouver tomorrow. Guess I can’t bug him about her anymore. Hehehe.

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