Who your real friends are.

You know who your real friends are when you’re the one who needs help. My car couldn’t start after work today. Judging from the 12:00 flasher on my dash, it was most likely my battery not having enough of a charge to start the car. That’s too bad. All around me, people were getting into their cars and taking off. There was even a guy helping somebody else boost their non-starting car. Well… what about me? Nobody comes to my aid, nobody comes to even ask if I’m having problems. Oh, no. I guess nobody heard my engine trying its hardest to crank, but failing like a broken record. It just goes to show – I do many favors for these government bastards, yet nobody will come to lend a hand in my own time of need. I guess that means I have no friends in the government (not counting Candace, who left early today).

I could have called one of my friends, but they’re all somehow related to TS, and I don’t work there anymore, so it’d be weird to call up a favor like that. Besides, I only fix their PCs for free. It’s not like it warrants a boost from their car, if they had one.

I didn’t buy or order anything today. I didn’t receive any orders today. It’s one of those days, I guess. I did, however, manage to get two more levels in WoW. I hadn’t played for almost a week, so I’m really behind. It’s all thanks to watching Firefly and no thanks to watching CSI (which Esmond puts on the TV, I’m just forced to watch out of curiosity).

After work (I walked home, by the way), I rearranged all the gaming consoles in the living room – that is, I moved them all upstairs to my room to connect them to my LCD TV. Then, I moved the PC that was downstairs to the side, where it wouldn’t be in the way. After re-sorting all the console games, I took the PS2 for a test drive on the TV – awesome. Much better looking than on the HDTV downstairs. So far, this LCD TV, albeit smaller than the HDTV, is blowing my mind.

Gonna hit the hobby store tomorrow with Esmond and pick me up some new manga.


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  1. WTF DOOD!!! You totally should have called me at TS I would ab een there in a hurry boosin is no big deal. Plus U know there is a level of flexability there either way man never be worried about callign TS if ya neeed anything.

    Heavy D

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