WHOA!!!!!!!! HIOS.org got UPDATED???????????

That’s right. It did. Last night.

Huh, I thought there’d be more response from that.

So, I figure there’d be some Q&A about why HIOS Life is getting the heave-ho. It’s simple. I’m not getting anymore inspiration for it.

I guess… that’s it. Mind you, I’m going with the whole idea of writing what I know, and what I know right now is my life. And Minky-chan’s life from time to time. And Hidetoshi’s life… well, I dunno about that nowadays. He, like, disappeared off the face of the wired. Well, I can’t use that phrase, because the Net has no face. Hmm… well, it’s not important anyway. So, what’s gonna happen? Seriously, I have no idea. My life is getting interesting these days. So, yeah, most of the new web manga will be based in RadioShack and sometimes Wonton Place (but nothing interesting ever happens there). Maybe I’ll just call it RadioShack Life! Hahaha. It’s so crazy, it just might work!

I’ve also been watching way too much Family Guy, so I will be infringing copyrights with this one. Hehehe! Just kidding! Well, back to the drawing tablet!

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