I sent an e-mail to Daniel last night. Apparently, he got it and responded to me, but I didn’t receive the e-mail. Either way, I finally got a chance to chat with him this morning. However, customers (DIE) got in the way. Oh, well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to chat up a storm tonight. Hahahaha.

Man, I’m so tired today. Think I’m just gonna go home, encode a bunch of home videos, and then play some La Pucelle: Tactics. I know I keep saying that I’ll play it and I never do, but that’s just because I have a lot of crap to do before I leave town. I mean… I’m gone in two and a half months. I got tons of crap to get rid of and down-size. My plan is to have all my music and magazines all on computer. That’s why I bought the new scanner (for the magazines, duh). I’ll have plenty of time to play video games when I’m in the city.

Anyway, got to go pick up my cell phone from Dennis tonight. He kept forgetting it last night, and he even forgot it this afternoon! I still have to buy minutes for it…

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