I haven’t updated in ages! Megami-sama, has it really been four days?!?!

Umm… gee. Nothing really happened. O.o

Haha. Well, something DID happen, but it’s not important.

Ah, jeez.

Ho-hum, wish I had something to say.

This advertising space for rent.

Okay, well, I guess I could describe my past four days in summary. I worked. Then, I worked. Then, I handed in my resume to Crappy Shack, where two of the guys that were working there said I would get the job hands-down, though due to my bad luck, I probably won’t. I got in my latest (?) Megami magazine, then I decided to order some more. My Lain OSTs and KareKano Act 1.0 OST CDs came in. The KareKano CD hates all CD-ROMs. It skips after track 13. No, when I say skip, I mean that’s all it plays!!! Skips! :P It works in my CD players, but what’s the point if I can’t rip the bastard?!?! I got an e-mail saying that my OST CDs of Azumanga Daiou and .hack//SIGN are on the way. I finally cancelled my DSL internet and phone line. Dammit, that thing’s been sitting unused in my ex-home since I moved back home in February! ARGH!! I ordered more Megami magazine. I studied more Nippongo. I want a day job so I can buy more computers!!!

My current addictions, old and new, are: Azumanga Daiou, Chobits, .hack//SIGN, Ai Yori Aoshi, Megami magazine.

I decided to resume my anime drawing again. I’m soooooooo lazy. I wouldn’t suck so hard if I wasn’t. Umm… speaking of which, I think my violin is lying around here somewhere…

The End.

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  1. madolescent says

    hmm.. lazyness isn’t necessarily a bad thing :D good luck with your anime (and possibly that violin-playing! :x)

  2. … but procrastination is. Hahaha. Thanks for the words of encouragement. ^_^

    I see that you added me to your friends list. Wow, am I really that interesting? Hahaha. Anyway, I’ve added you as well. Hope to hear from you more!

  3. madolescent says

    Sure, more interesting in my book!
    I “pretend” my days are interesting on some LJ entries.. by overexaggerating a situation that average people might consider small and insignificant.. Actually, I don’t even know enough IRL people to judge what they really do talk about privately, ah well! Thanks for adding me :]

  4. Hehehe, doesn’t everybody exaggerate on their LJ??? ^_~

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