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Anzu Sayuri

I made a bit of a mistake today. I went to Wabowden again, and on the way back, I got busted by the cops for speeding. -_-;;;

In all fairness, though, it was 100% my fault. I didn’t play it safe and just assumed that every oncoming car was a civilian. That kinda sucked, but I got some AWESOME Cloudscape shots while he was checking my license/registration and making me wait in my car.

Oh, yeah. I got a few good Cloudscape shots these past couple of days. The clouds have been moving quite nicely, giving us on-and-off showers, and it helped that I was traveling on the highway. I posted most of these shots on my Photography page. (EDIT: My blog is now unified ever since I converted to WordPress, so just view entries by the Photography category.)

I’m still trying to figure out why MySQL server isn’t working properly. So, instead, I worked on another CSS theme for the site. It’ll be nice to get the damn thing working, but I don’t see it happening for another month or so.

Current Music: Amuro Namie – No

OMG, Queen of Hip Pop is such an awesome album!! I love it a lot, but it’s hard to compare it to STYLE, which is still my favorite album. However, it’s still one of the best albums I’ve heard this year (it seems as though the new J-Pop albums I’ve heard this year are all actually old). Namie-chan is truly the queen of hip-pop!! It’s just a shame that not many artists use this particular style of music, but it gives Namie back her edge. If you didn’t know, Namie used to be the top idol back in the late-90’s for a couple years. It was quite normal for the life of a top idol to only last two years before they fade out of the public’s memory. Namie did that… then she came back all of a sudden with STYLE, reinventing herself completely in both music and looks, and she’s suddenly back at the top, even edging out Ayu, in my opinion. I have to admit that I listened to STYLE way more than Ayu’s RAINBOW. This time, though, it’s a very close draw – I enjoyed Ayu’s MY STORY just as much as Namie’s Queen of Hip Pop. The only difference is that Ayu is moving towards rock pop. Anyway, this isn’t a competition, so I highly recommend buying this new album. Downloaders, spend the money on this – you’ll appreciate it more.

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