Why am I still here?

It’s been kind of a vacation. We watched anime and some movies. Other than that, we mostly kept out of each other’s hair – he played WoW, and I worked on my artwork. If you haven’t seen my completed work, go to my Artwork page now.

I’m in the midst of coloring it, but after that, I’ll be working on the inner cover of the manga, which is going to be plenty amusing. Mind you, I won’t be releasing these to the public until the first page of the manga is done. I’m actually thinking of serializing my web manga, releasing what I have every month. It gives me ample time to actually concentrate on building a solid storyline. Mind you, in order to do this, it’ll probably take me more than a month, since I still have to write up the storyline.

Speaking of writing, my Wild And Tame beta novel is still going. I’m really getting into it, weaving complicated plots and extending the depth of each of my characters. During my 15 minute break today, I just picked up my Palm and gave ‘er. I’m excited, and I’m the one writing it. Once I finish writing it, I’m sure I can come up with a better title than Wild And Tame, anyway.

Additional Resources

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