Why do I like Japanese Girls?

Ah, the question of the day. I’m into my late 20’s and still single for a reason. It’s not like there’s a lack of girls in town. It’s that I don’t have any interest in them. So, what makes Japanese girls so different from girls in the rest of the world?

I could easily answer this by typically commenting on their looks and all, but that doesn’t even touch close to the reason.

First of all, everybody knows that I love Japan. I love it as if it were my own country and culture. I hold no allegiance or patriotism to Canada, China, or Malaysia. My parents always told me about the terrible things that Japan did in the war, but don’t tell me that every other country is a saint. I prefer to look at the country from a cultural standpoint, and Japan is rich with a culture that I adore.

So, you guessed it, with every Japanese girl (born and raised in Japan, of course) comes a wealth of culture and knowledge of the country that I love. Even the rebellious and modernized girls have the knowledge, because they obviously have to know about what they are opposed to. Not that I’d go for those particular girls anyway. So, the first reason is culture.

What? You didn’t actually think that was the only reason, did you? Moving on…

The language. Oh, how I love the language, how it rolls off your tongue, how it flows through my ears when I hear it. If you didn’t know, men and women speak the language differently. There are certain words that are masculine and feminine, plus some words have two versions reserved for both sides of the spectrum (such as ore, atashi, and boku, all of which mean ‘I, me, or myself’). I love it most when girls speak it, though. The high cuteness factor of Japanese girls come from their speech. So, there’s my second reason – the way that Japanese girls speak.

The last reason is quite simple, and you would never guess it. Behind every girl are parents – parents who love their daughter very much. I believe that there is a simple pride to be gained in attaining the blessings of marriage from a girl’s parents and slowly building a good relationship with your new in-laws. Chalk it up to me watching too many dorama, but there you have it. Parents are sometimes stubborn and don’t think that any man is deserving of their daughter. I only hope that I can one day be like that. Call it old-fashioned, but that is what I prefer. So, the final reason why I like Japanese girls is because of the challenge of being accepted by their family when marriage is desired.

On a sidenote, I like the idea of omiai – that is, the system of arranged marriages that is used if you’re not able to find a suitable mate by your 30’s. Unfortunately, I will never be able to experience it because my family isn’t Japanese in origin. Then again, I’ll never be able to experience school life in Japan either. I only hope that if I have kids, I can make these options available to them.

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