Why Subs Are Better Than Dubs.

I’ll probably go to Rogers tomorrow and swap Rumble Roses for Bloodrayne 2. Even though the girls were really hot in Rumble Roses, the dubbed music and voices were too terrible. I cannot stand dubs. I’m very sorry to those of you who like dubs, but I find that dubs totally spoil the original feel that was intended when created. It’s like… well, try watching the Korean drama, Bright Girl’s Success Story. I watched some of the Mandarin Chinese dub, and it was alright, but when I switched over to the original Korean audio track, the true cuteness of Jang Na Ra was revealed! Even though I don’t understand the language, I’ll always watch subs because dubs do not capture the true expressions of the original voices, and some expressions do not carry over well into dubs, no matter how good the voice actor/actress.

Also, for those of you who like dubs because you don’t like reading subtitles, shame on you! We go to school and read for a reason, and you get used to read subtitles while watching the show at the same time after a while. If you don’t like listening to another language, then you are a narrow-minded person who needs to learn that you share this earth with several billion other people who do NOT speak your language. Learning other languages or just listening to the way they sound is a great thing. Plus, there are many other languages out there, so don’t go thinking your own language is more superior – because no language is.

Holy crap, this became more of a topic than a rant. I just wanted to quickly say that I’m renting Bloodrayne 2!!! >_<

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