Winamp or WMP?

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Kawamura Yukie

It’s always hard to decide on things. For instance, take a look at Yukie-chan here. I couldn’t decide on this picture and the one I posted before this, so I had the best of both worlds and posted both, one after another. I don’t like either one over the other, but rather I like them both equally.

That’s the issue I have with Winamp and Windows Media Player. I’ve tried both exclusively and it’s hard to like one over the other. Winamp is convenient, it plays tons of media, and I love the new version 5 even more than the old one (version 3 didn’t count). However, WMP is also convenient in its own way, and the latest version 10 made such a huge improvement over the old mediocre ones. I guess I’ll just have to live with both on my system.

It’s early, I couldn’t go back to sleep due to the hot weather, and I have nothing more interesting to cite.

Has anybody other than me noticed that the Idol-a-GoGo! and Critical Scan sites are both slow to access and mostly time out?

Current Music: GARNET CROW – 水のない晴れた海へ

I hadn’t heard GARNET CROW before, so I downloaded their first album, first soundscope, since everybody and their dog on the Net was ranting and raving about it and never even gave it a listen until just recently, I put it on CD for my car. One word – wow. This is alternative J-Pop. I just love how layered this music is. It reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, but with a Delerium style of songwriting to it, and that hint of J-Pop. This song, Mizuno Nai Hareta Umi He, was a great song to start the album with. Awesome melody, multi-layered, and just plain awesome! If you want a good album to mellow out with, this is one you won’t want to miss. Definitely on my to-buy list. Oh, and if you like this tone of music, I highly recommend Arai Akino’s EDEN album.

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