Winnipeg and the damn speeding ticket.

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Nakane Kasumi

So, we ended up staying at Winnipeg for longer than we originally planned. We got in on Thursday night after 7 hours of power driving, and we hit Perkins for a late snack. After a rather long night of little sleep at Chris‘ place, we headed out in Ian‘s new BMW to St. Vital to get some food, which was not the best idea since everyone ate at the Sizzling Wok, which is just awful Chinese food. Not breakfast material at all. After that, we went to A&B Sound followed by a performance auto parts store. We went back to Chris’ after that, and Eugene opted to sleep while I dropped off the wedding DVD at Ian and Jazmine’s. Jaz was out shopping, so I hung out with Ian where we chatted for a bit and I accidentally found my birthday present (PEBKAC!!!), which he just gave to me. Oops.

Anyway, Ian got a job at The Source by Circuit City!!!

That deserved a paragraph. Anyway, I drove Ian to work and then I headed back to Chris’, where Eugene and the guys were watching soccer on TV. Chris had this idea to kick the ball around, which they somehow dragged me into. My legs were so sore and my heart felt like it was ready to give me an early heart attack. I really need more exercise. After that, Eugene and I went to Quizno’s for supper, and then we hightailed it to the MTS Center, found some parking down the street, and then we witnessed the live acts of The Tea Party and Def Leppard!!! AAAAAAAAUUGGGH!!! It was totally cool. The MTS Center is a great venue – I’m looking forward to watching NIN in November. Muahahahaha.

After the concert, Eugene convinced me to go hang out with his girlfriend, Jennilee, where we watched Million Dollar Baby. For a serious movie, it was spoiled by all the joking and odd but funny humor from Jennilee. Still, it was an enjoyable time, because she’s such a nut, but a good nut.

Perkins again after that. I was hungry.

Got up late on Saturday, no thanks to that late night. However, I called up Nico, who was asleep, so I called up Stevan instead, and we headed over to visit. We spent the entire day hanging out with the Asian crowd. It was cool. After we got there, we ripped a CD to Stevan’s laptop, and I got a chance to meet their new Korean roommate, Kay (spelling?). Eventually, Nico and his girlfriend woke up, and that’s when things got interesting, as Stevan’s girlfriend showed up while I was helping Nico to download some J-Movies. Tracy, Nico’s girlfriend, had to be dropped off at home since she just got back from Hong Kong, so I tagged along. After dropping her off, we drove around and went to St. Vital to meet one of Nico’s friends from Thompson, and while we were hanging out there, we ran into Tracy and her brother. We all hung around for a bit longer and then went to Corydon for some ice cream, which I opted out of due to my lactose intolerancy and the cool weather outside. We then went back to the apartment minus Tracy’s brother and found Eugene, Stevan, and Stevan’s gf (sorry, don’t remember her name, but she’s very pleasant and friendly) all playing mahjongg!! So, we all swapped places and played mahjongg like crazy until we got hungry. Me, Nico, and Eugene decided to grab some sushi at Meiji Sushi on Pembina (actually, WE decided for Eugene ^_^). Spent about $100, but it was soooooooooo good. We headed back to the apartment where we watched some Food Network until another Asian dude showed up, but I never caught his name. He was cool, though, haha. Eugene wanted to catch a movie, so we hightailed it back to St. Vital and watched Deuce Bigalow – European Gigolo. OMG, what a hilarious movie. It totally tops the first one.

Sunday was a bust. We were supposed to grab dim sum with Jennilee and then head out, but that didn’t happen. We tried to call Jennilee on the way to her place, but she wasn’t there, and dim sum was already underway, so we headed to Chinatown and ate. After that, we headed off to Chapters, where I picked up a novel and Eugene got a biography of some deceased rock star of a crappy band. Then, we went to Mother’s Music and got some info on Pro Tools LE. After that, Eugene tried calling Jennilee again, and he got her – turned out she went partying the night before and didn’t go home, so she was really upset about that. I wanted to get some manga, and I also knew that Eugene and her needed some quality time alone, so I told Eugene to drop me off at Portage Place, since it was on the way, and he could take my car and pick me up later. So, I went to Oriental Gifts and picked up $170 worth of manga (yes, short on money, but I had spare cash from various works). I walked around the mall for a bit longer and then called Eugene to pick me up. Jennilee was going to play fiddle at The Forks for the afternoon, so we dropped her off there, but I hadn’t heard her play, so I wanted to hang around there for a bit longer. We ended up staying for her full set, which was awesome, and then we headed off to the parking lot, where we stood around and chatted for another hour or so. Dammit!! Anyway, we left and hit Route 90, grabbed some Wendy’s, and we were on our way (much later than even the 16:00 limit). However, we drove like crazy and made it a 6½ hour trip. That was so insane.

So, I had a speeding ticket from when I was driving back to town from a work call in Wabowden a month ago. I just went to the Court Office down the hall from my office to settle it. Man, I fix their computers and I couldn’t even get a break! WTF, mate!

Holy shatnuts, it’s almost lunch time, and I still have tons to do! Maybe I’ll just take away the client’s PC and re-image it in my office today.

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