Winnipeg, baby!

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Kumada Yoko

That’s right, I’m in Winnipeg, baby! However, just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I should slack off and not post the GOTD.

It didn’t take that long to get here, actually. I was just following the other vehicles (not speeding at all, nope ^_^). It was only during the final stretch that my leg started to feel all cramped up. Regardless, we got into the city an hour earlier than we expected, which was great. Once we got in, we went to FutureShop where I picked up a wireless router for our stay at Ian and Jazmine’s place. Those guys are lifesavers through and through, I would’ve had to stay at a hotel.

Anyway, the internet here is so fast!!! My wireless connection froze because BitTorrent was getting too many peer connections, so I had to actually LIMIT it!

Damn it, and I’m still working even though I’m on vacation. Why did I install remote connection on my work PC??

Current Music: I listened to 8 hours of music in the car, so I don’t really remember it all.

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  1. which remote connection program you use dood?

    Heavy D

  2. which remote connection program you use dood?

    Heavy D

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