With The Good Comes The Bad?

I got a 91% on my Assistant Manager exam today. Yay! I now make double the amount of money. Also, my CDJapan order came in.

Why is it that we, by nature, have to lose something to gain something? I lost all my contacts and reminder notes that I accumulated in my Palm handheld. I replaced the old Palm with a new one today, just after the exam, due to a faulty power button. I took it home, charged it, and did a HotSync. Apparently, Palm’s fscking idea of a HotSync is to remove all your important personal data and replace it with useless factory data, like, “Don’t forget to register your Palm!” and “Tech Support Hotline Number”. That’s great and all, but what about the phone number of that hot chick I know who lives in the city? What happened to my course material for my MCAD? Holy nucking futs, I’m about to stab Palm in the ass with a splintered broomstick.

I’m sorry. I just can’t be happy about passing my exam when I just lost pretty much all the data I need. If anything, data is more important to me than hardware. Because of Palm’s stupidity in software development, I can no longer contact old friends scattered around the globe. Sensitive information is missing and may take years to recover, if at all. I now have a $299 paperweight that can play Bejeweled in full color. What’s the point of having hard drives that exceed gigabytes of storage when the software won’t even take advantage of it and store daily backups? Kiss my @$$, Palm.

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