Work is…

… demanding, as always. I put in my 8 hours overtime on my day-off, but I still didn’t make enough sales. It seems as though I’m having one of those times when all the customers I get are the ones that either don’t want to spend money or want to glean me of computer information. Either way, all the good sales are going to everybody else. It shouldn’t be happening to me. I’m working hard. I even did work when the other guys were goofing around.

Dennis is also getting on my nerves. I’m at a point where I’m either ready to deck him or just walk away from the job.

So, I’ve been looking into getting some Microsoft certification. At first, I was thinking about getting an MCSE, but when I thought about it, I recalled that I’d had enough of fixing computers and administrating systems. So, I’ve been looking closely at getting an MCAD instead. It would be cool to develop for Windows, even though I hate the bloody OS to death. Mind you, it would be nice to have a paper from Microsoft. I still have to get my A+ certification, and I’ve also been thinking about UNIX/Linux certification. Something to have on standby, you know? But on the other hand, if I spend all this money and time on those, I won’t have time to actively pursue my real love – anime. I want to get a computer animation degree and work from there. Drawing serialized manga while developing applications in Japan or the States. That would be kinda neat.

So, the plan. Trying to get a Compaq Presario 2195CA notebook by the end of the month, even if I have to do layaway. I want to take advantage of the December employee discount of 20%. That way, I save $150. If I can pay off the layaway before the end of December (keep on dreaming), I can also save more on the EWP. After that, pay off more bills, accumulate enough funds in my Visa to buy two (yes, not one – TWO) tablets – a Graphire3 and an Intuos2. The Graphire3 will be for my notebook, and the Intuos2 will be for Hagiwara at home. With this crazy idea in mind, I will be able to practice drawing anytime I feel like it. Then, I will be able to destroy all.

Just ranting here… work may be hard, but isn’t it always? Sometimes, everybody needs to let off a little steam. I’m just glad I have LJ here. *pat pat*

Current Manga: Kinjirareta Ai No Kajitsu – Kizuato and Blanc [Nekohana-Eden], Ichigo 100% – 1 to 8 [Akatsuki-Manga]

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