Work overload.

Work sucks. I have to pull an overtime shift today without getting paid overtime. Why? Because if I don’t, I’ll get brutally killed by my clients and my manager. I have too many calls, at least two new ones per day, and with no end in sight. Oh yeah, and I’m fixing one for somebody on the side, but I’m getting paid for that.

I’m thinking about making some kind of Blogger add-on for the music, kinda like in LJ. However, embedding it in each entry would be a real pain in the a-hole, so I’m gonna probably have it sit in the sidebar or something clever.

So, we have hot water again. My dad spent all day yesterday installing the new hot water tank. He had to shut off the water in the meantime, which totally sucked. Anyway, because the new tank was taller than the old one, it wouldn’t fit in the crawlspace, so he removed one of the frames surrounding our gas heater and jammed the tank in there. Not too shabby of a job, either. Actually, I wouldn’t know. I never even saw it yet, but I’m sure he did a good job, from what he told us.

Due to his lengthy efforts yesterday, I had to run the restaurant YET AGAIN last night! What the beep! I was going to make sure I did nothing tonight, but due to my constrained work schedule, that’s going to be out of the question.

On a good note, though, I got more stuff done for Enpitsu No Yume. I might have to change the title, though, since the new plotline I wrote up has changed directions from a manga-ka story to a fantasy/shoujo storyline. Although I haven’t gotten any new character designs done yet, I’ve gotten a lot of characters created, and I’m going to be writing up more volume guides. While I’m planning things out, I’ll flesh out some character designs and post them in my Artwork blog as they come. However, the way things are going, it’s not going to be feasible to use the Wacom for such things. I’ll probably end up drawing and scanning the old-fashioned way, and using the Wacom for coloring and touch-ups (as well as promo CG). So, without further ado, here’s the new plotline (although it may change as the storyline progresses):

Magic has returned to the world after centuries of dormancy. It awakens first in four normal people who are artists – manga-ka. With this awakening, long-extinct creatures have also come out of their slumber, lured by the chaos that magic can create, creatures like dragons and ogres. Aided by an elf that must teach them to harness their newfound abilities, this ragtag group must prevent the new evil from enslaving the human race, while trying to answer the question – what awakened this power?

Sounds kinda cliché, eh? Well, even though this plotline is in place (and there will be some intricacies written up), I plan to focus mainly on the character developments that will be taking place throughout the manga. I’m really pumped up about this (and you will be too, once I begin to do this). Mind you, my art is kinda not that great, but I will be using various sources to help aid me in delivering each scene as I want them to be portrayed, and my storytelling will (hopefully) be the reason why people might like it regardless.

Well, back to the daily grind.

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