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Work sucks, but what else is new? It turns out that I have to go to Flin Flon on Wednesday. That would be cool because of the cash I’d make off that trip, if my car was in top working condition. Ever since the starter got replaced on it, something grinds occasionally during starting, and I can feel it vibrating underneath my clutch.

I got a chance to see what re-imaging is going to be like in the year to come. If the refresh for government truly occurs province-wide, I’m going to be doing my job differently from now on. First of all, re-imaging will be a snap, I just did it for a new machine, and it was pretty much automated – I didn’t even have to lift a finger. MECCA is a totally different story altogether, it’s got the option to do complete automation, but it forces reboots between every single update, which increases the amount of time it takes to do it.

Unfamiliar with these terms? Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised. These are all EDS/Gov’t of Manitoba procedures. Well, first of all, the refresh is just a codename for a period of time when a team of people go throughout a department and replace all the old machines with brand new ones, mirroring all the applications so that the employees can immediately start working without missing a beat. MECCA is a suite of updates distributed on CD for all technicians – we apply these updates to all machines, old and new.

All of this technical stuff may sound interesting, but it’s really not. I’ve never heard these terms outside of GOM (internal acronym for Gov’t of Manitoba), so in a way, everything I do is proprietary. I’d much rather be a developer working in EDS doing strategic planning or coding for clients. That is, if I were to stay in this technician industry, but I probably won’t.

I’m leaking like a faucet. I’ve had cold symptoms (ie. sneezing, running nose) for the past month or so, but it never escalated to a cold. However, today, all that has changed, as I’m sneezing like crazy, leaking like crazy, and even coughing. Yet, I still feel fine. I try my best to drink juice on a regular basis, since I don’t eat fruit regularly enough, so it helps to supply me with vitamins. Recently, however, I’ve been flat broke, no thanks to the two trips I took this summer and the car I have to fix. I’m also contemplating buying a truck for the winter so I can park my Altima when it’s all fixed up. Well, I’m looking into it.

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi – About You

Haven’t heard the album, MY STORY, for a while. It’s still pretty good, but I’d like to see another album from her but she needs to work on her singles first. She used to put out singles frequently, and they used to have tons of remixes and versions, but sadly, it isn’t so anymore (although they all come bundled with DVDs). Still, I’m pretty much complete with my Ayu CD collection. Sooner or later, though, I’m gonna have to stop buying her singles as they don’t offer much else other than the song, the instrumentals, and a DVD with the PV.

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