It looks like I actually had some money in my Visa after all! Not only that, but my $200 payment SHOULD go through any day now. So, I placed a partial order with CDJapan based on my list in the previous post. Here’s the order as follows:

Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage (Single)
Nakashima Mika: TRUE (Album)
Sonin: Curry Rice No Onna (Single)

Since CDJapan doesn’t charge until the end of the month, I’m good to go! (Well… at least for now…)

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  1. I usually order every other week from CD Japan and receive my other a few days later. Most of my orders are under $100. That ‘end of the month billing’ they have helps me a lot because it allows me to make payments on my card and not incur any charges from maxing them out. My collection of import CDs and DVDs are growing each week.

    The only thing that I notice is more and more CDs have that copy protection.

  2. That’s true. Too many CD’s with CCD technology is starting to get on my nerves. We bought these albums fair and square, so why can’t we make MP3 copies of them so that we won’t ruin our discs? What a bunch of numbs. People were copying cassettes back in the 80’s, and the RIAA did nothing about it then. Sales were still up. So, why should they consider MP3’s and CD-RW’s a threat? Anyway, I digress, this was already covered in a previous loooooooong post. ^_^

  3. The majority of CDs coming out from Japan has that CCD technology. That is why worldwide CD sales are slumping at the moment, buyers want to get their music without any hassles. I read that post you made a while back in one of your communities, that is how I found you and come to respect your views

  4. LOL i made an order recently and I was debating like CRAZY over “HMMM!! HAL – As Long As You Love Me, Nakashima Mika – True….. grr ::keeps changing order::” but I ended up settling for HAL. Well I was ordering other CD’s too so that made my budget more limited, anyway, I guess Nakashima Mika will have to wait til next time. So you’ll haveta make a review telling how some of the album tracks are on there :]

  5. Ah, yoroshiku~

    It’s just getting harder to rip CDs, but not impossible. Miya-pyon () seems to be doing it with CloneCD. I’m using my portable MP3 recorder hooked up to my PS2. ^_^

  6. But I completely forgot about her! Damn, and I was trying to remind myself to pick up a copy of Violation of the Rules, which I don’t have yet!

    Anyway, yes, I’ll be sure to review Nakashima-san’s CD thoroughly for you. ^_^

  7. I read somewhere on the net that by using a marker and scribble out the ring (this contains bogus information meant to confuse the computer causing it to not play the CD) on the outside edge and the inside edge of the CCD. The other method I thought about doing is putting a copy-protected CD in my portable CD player and attaching a cable to my sound card and ripping the songs that way.

  8. Violation of the Rules is a beyond awesome album, and I really like the pictures of Halna during the jacket shoot for that, she looks so pretty with the short red hair. Tracks like “Amulet”, “Rosary”, “Violation of the Rules” are really memorable as they show off their kick-butt electronica skills, and of course the 4 single songs are great.
    I only hesitated about the 2nd album cuz there’s no previews on their site of the album tracks, and that c/w song “A Long Journey” is kinda boring, but I really like the other 3 single songs so those are worth it. “One Love” is the most outstandingly pretty song in my opinion.. but perhaps not as original as “Al Di La”. And once again, Halna is dressed fashionably, showing off her jade two-piece gown.
    I’ll be sure to review this furtherly in the future :)

  9. Yep, that would also work, but you’d have to adjust the output volume on your CD player. If your CD player has a line-out jack, I would suggest using that instead of the headphones jack, and then normalize the song using Cool Edit or an MP3 encoder like Xing.

    Anyway, I cover a cool fix for ripping CCD’s in my latest entry. Check it out.

  10. Halna has an awesome photogenic face. I like how the pictures captures her face in a soft tone. Well, I think I will have to seriously pick up Violation of the Rules. ^_^

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