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Natsukawa Jun

I really need a better name than Girl of the Day. I post almost more than once a day, it should be something like, Girl of the Moment, but that doesn’t sound right either.

Ever hear of the writer’s proverb, “write what you know”? Well, it’s extremely sound advice – and very tricky advice as well. Many a story was written without prior knowledge of the subject, thus resulting in a very inaccurate story – entertaining, but inaccurate. So, it stands to prove that one should always follow the proverb and write what they know.

I have to admit that I’ve tried my best to write what I know. However, I’ve reached a point in HACK-R 2.0 where I don’t know something. This is where I mentioned how the writer’s proverb is tricky. I could do two things – stop or continue. However, in order to continue, I would have to either make things up or find out how it’s actually done. With that in mind, I’ve decided to move forward and do something I never intended to do – study my subject intensively. Since I’m headed off to Winnipeg next week, this train of thought couldn’t have come at a better time. In Winnipeg, I plan to visit Chapters and pick up some books on cryptography. In HACK-R, I wrote about a security vulnerability in E-Reality, but I never addressed exactly what it was in detail and how you can exploit it. In HACK-R 2.0, I fully expect to leave no stone unturned and no secret exposed. I want to make this the best work I’ve ever done. If I have to research and learn more about something I never intended to learn more about, then so be it.

At the same time, I’ll be looking at agriculture while in Chapters for my Wild And Tame beta novel project, since it takes place in Japan farm land.

I love writing. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to it.

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