X-Mas Shopping on eBay

Well, I’ve been rather lax in my journal entries, but not much has happened anyway. It looks as though I’m going to be attending school next semester. However, I worked out a deal that I could complete 3 of the 5 courses anytime I want (hopefully, ASAP the sausage). That will leave me with only 2 courses to deal with. In that spare time, I can enroll for some business administration courses that will help with my business. I hope.

The way I got convinced back to continuing school was really unfair. It was almost like goading, actually. My parents were saying that it was a waste to be 3/4 of the way done and then to just quit. Not only that, but word got around the school that their star CST pupil was quitting 3/4 of the way in, and EVERYBODY ganged up on me, neatly quoting exactly what my parents told me. What a crock. Not only that, but everybody – even my friends – hinted at me that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, even though they were giving me their support. Right. Well, support doesn’t mean giving one-sided opinions. I was expecting some of them to understand my decision – that I’m sick and tired of IT and the whole computer servicing crap. So much for support. I was practically cornered and held at gunpoint to promise to do it. So, I have to end up pleasing everybody but myself by going back to school next semester. It’s total crap. At least I get to take some business administration courses. Not exactly a fair trade-off. I would much rather take Japanese courses.

I just finished up my Christmas shopping on eBay. It’s a lot more easier than going downtown, choosing from the same selection as everybody else, and lugging it all around until you’re done. With eBay, I was able to shop in Japan, Hong Kong, and the States without leaving my chair. Better than an eight-hour drive to the city just to pick up goods that are nationally imported. I actually picked up some rare items on eBay, so my gifts are pretty unique this time around. I think I might make this a tradition of mine. All I have left to buy are gifts for my friend, my brother, my dad, and my roommate – which isn’t a problem because I can easily find stuff for them downtown and they wouldn’t really care less.

Well, I’m currently in a scramble to catch up on two weeks worth of studying material for school. I regret not attending classes so often. It’s time to hit the books, as they say. Meanwhile, I’ll have to keep my plans on hold and revise them later. So much for washing my hands of the whole computer thing. Ja ne.

J-Pop Insight
I’ve been listening to a lot of Ayumi-san lately, but I can’t help it. She’s just my favorite, and she’s so awesome. I have to find time to rearrange my room around so that I can finally put up my new calendar of her. Audience, in particular, is purely an energy song. You want to just jump up and down when you hear it. In fact, when she performed it live on TV, everybody DID jump up and down – even her! <BIG SIGH> I want TV Japan. At least I got the Avex Trax internet broadcast. Okay, WAY off topic!

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