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Yahoo updated their mail services! You can now store and send larger e-mails! The service is new and improved! Yeah, right! >_

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  1. I’ve had my yahoo! mail account since 1996(?). I like it… it’s better than hotmail. I despise hotmail.

  2. I have to agree that Hotmail sucks bacon grease. The thing is that Yahoo did their upgrades and it seemed to cause more problems than solve them. I think that what happened was that Yahoo increased their systems’ capacity and didn’t anticipate how many more people would sign up for their service, thus bogging down the servers higher than expected. It’s a pain in the ass, and I was just venting at the time of the post. So… yeah, I don’t hate Yahoo. I just hate the fact that I was waiting for some really important e-mail and Yahoo chose that exact day to caff out on me.

  3. OMFG i just logged in… 100 MB storage?!?!?!??! about fucking time!! the one thing i can’t stand is the bulk mail folder…. all my important shit ends up in there.. and when the folder says “Bulk Mail Folder (1219)” of course i’m gonna hit delete.. like i’m going to sift through that shit to see if i missed anything important.. ~_~.. but now at least keep my emails without forwarding them elsewhere.. due to lack of storage space.. grr!! i’m sure i’ll be having more problems soon.. afterall, yahoo/hotmail.. =_=.. though i do agree.. hotmail .. the second yuo sign up… you have a welcome message and 50 spam emails within 2 days.. with yahoo, at least you’re safe a few weeks or something .. ~_~

  4. Yeah, that annoys me to no end. All the most important e-mail ends up in the bulk mail folder. Even if you tell Yahoo that it isn’t bulk mail, it STILL ends up in the damn folder!! XD

    Hotmail just sucks in general, because it’s Microsoft. As if that nerd bastard with a fetish for 80’s style glasses and sweater vests needs any more coin in his pocket. Plus, Hotmail won’t even let you send an e-mail over 10 words in length without complaining about the file size! >_

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