Yesterday and This Morning

Yesterday, I went to Wonton Place early and watched some Chinese movies. I finished watching the rest of Fighting for Love, which I think was a lot better than Marry a Rich Man, but was pretty much as good as Love on a Diet. I love Sammi’s movies, as well as her music. Anyway, one of my parcels came in from Japan – AV idol stuff. Two Hagiwara Mai shashinshu (I Mai Me and my mistakenly ordered Love & Peach – which I already have), Tennyo – Ayukawa Ami shashinshu, January 2002 Urecco zasshi, and Hagiwara Mai Platonic Love DVD. Mai is my favorite AV idol, which is why I named my main computer Mai-chan. After making sure that everything was there, I watched Expect a Miracle, which was such a great movie! Both heartwarming and funny, I especially enjoyed watching Yung Jo Yee, she was so cute and youthful in this movie, even though she was a portraying a teacher! I’m currently in the process of watching Blind Romance, which is an old Leung Chiu Wai romance movie. After work was over, I played some SSX Tricky and got Elise past Aloha Snow Jam and Alaska. I was having some major problems getting through Alaska this time around, though, because Elise kept crashing all over the place! I think that her stability and edging need some upgrading, because I used Kaori and had no problems with her. After that, I went to Patrick’s to drop off the copy of Star Trek Armada 2 that I made for him, and the money that I owed Will for his ExpressVu dish. It’s weird, I’ve got programming on the dish even though I didn’t subscribe yet! Ning-Ning just turned it on one night and it worked! How weird.

I woke up at 7:30 AM this morning again and sent Eugene and sam-yee to work. I swung by McDonald’s and picked up breakfast for Ning-Ning, mom, and I. After eating, we watched a bit of MIB and I took a look at the DTS version of Shrek on the second DVD. Since we have digital audio hooked up now, I wanted to see which movies had DTS, and it turned out that movies made by Dreamworks have both Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks encoded on their DVDs. Cool.

I’m currently doing nothing at the moment, but I am getting an itchy finger for spending money… that is bad. Hahahahaha, well, not bad when I receive the items!

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