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Rented Resident Evil. WTF was up with that laser scene at the beginning??? Disgusting!!! That part of the movie really killed the whole experience for me. I hate gory movies. Unfortunately, Resident Evil was not a gory movie. So why did they include that disgusting scene!? Oh, I’m sure the 3-D animators had a field day with that scene, but yuck! It was pointless and didn’t need to be included. However, I liked the action scenes where Milla kicked zombie butt. If they incorporate those moves into the next Resident Evil chapter, the game will be THAT much better.

I also rented Clockstoppers. It was a much better movie. Not a great movie, but not bad for Jonathan Frakes’ first time directing with a non Star Trek movie.

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  1. Shame you didn’t like it as much for some parts, well I actually thought it was a gorey movie, but maybe it’s because I always remember that part? I guess that really was the only part with limbs dismembered/slice&diced.
    But I liked the industrial BGM’s in the movie and the action scenes with kicking zombie-butt were cool too, like when she did a Matrix type attack and kicked off the wall. I usually feel horror flicks are corny, but I got into that movie somehow! ^_^

  2. Yeah, the music and action scenes was good. The gore was pointless to have. Mind you, I play Resident Evil often, but it’s not as realistic as the movie… ugh…

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