New HIOS Life Promo.

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y

Things have been busy for us the past few months. As a result, the site was neglected for a while – but now we’re back on track. First order of business – HIOS Life. It looks as though HIOS Life has had its last run. Soon, it will be over for the online manga, and New HIOS Life will take its place. Before HIOS Life is wrapped up, we’ve left a teaser for New HIOS Life as the latest “page”.

What you’ll notice right away is the poor art style. The reason for this is simple – we’ve moved on to tablet-based CG for the manga. Instead of doing it on paper and scanning/retouching, we’ve decided to skip the first two steps to make the digital process easier. However, tablet use requires a slight learning curve, as well as new hand-eye coordination methods. This should improve over the next few months as it’s used frequently in making various artwork for the site and for

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