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Story and Art by: Heihachi Y

Whoops. Well, it looks as though I didn’t upload the manga pages over the week-end. How could that have happened? Anyway, it was fixed just yesterday afternoon, as well as a spelling error (oops) that I overlooked. Anyway, I finally designed and printed out some new manga sheets that follow the new Online Manga format. In other words, the Online Manga now reads vertically, and there’s no longer any need for a thumbnail, which I’m quite happy about. Not only that, but I’ve changed the default font for the manga! Rad!

Back to HIOS Life, the story is moving along faster. I’m getting into adding more characters and building extra personality traits for the main characters. But, I can’t say too much without revealing all the surprises. Anyway, that’s all for now. Until tomorrow. Ja!

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