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Story and Art by: Heihachi Y

To those of you who visited in the past just to read HIOS Life, here is your chance! The next page of HIOS Life has been posted, and will be posted every Friday. Thank you all for your patience!

HIOS Life is getting closer to the end of this chapter. The next chapter will introduce some new characters and new concepts in the way the manga will be presented. The normal 4-panel manga style will be retained, but the actual art style will be changed to suit my new drawing habits. You will start to see a lot more SD and chibi art in the manga, as well as a new story arc. Even now, you will notice the frequent use of meticulously sized fonts and inset boxes. Some cleanup of the grey background will be done in the future as well, so that the usual white background will be attained. There is a chance that this grey background could be the cause of the scanner or the paper I’m currently drawing on. Either way, the manga will be more refined. I may even add color – but the manga would only be posted bi-weekly rather than weekly. I’m currently debating some of the new changes, but they won’t take place until the end of the chapter. Visit back next Friday for more details and for the next page of HIOS Life!

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