Amuro Namie – Baby Don’t Cry

Amuro Namie - Baby Don't Cry
Amuro Namie – Baby Don’t Cry (CD+DVD)

This is actually the second part of my two-part Japanese Media release for this week. I missed posting last week’s, so I’m posting them both today, but in separate entries to make them easier to search for in the future. So, if you’re only viewing my entries one at a time, there’s one more before this with OLIVIA’s The Cloudy Dreamer.

People may not realize this, but all the scans I include with my releases are done by me. I’m getting a little better at scanning and retouching images, so I hope they’re satisfactory for people who like high quality scans. For those who are curious, yes, my scanner is still broken, but CD covers and booklets are small enough to avoid the broken area, so I can get away with it. Just don’t expect me to get magazine scans going unless I find a way (ie. a plugin) around this issue.

Baby Don’t Cry is a good single for Amuro’s first 2007 release, but it’s not as catchy as her previous single, CAN’T SLEEP, CAN’T EAT, I’M SICK. However, the b-side of this single, Nobody, is a better b-side than Ningyo was for the last single (I personally don’t like covers, though). The PV for Baby Don’t Cry was a neat concept, showing Amuro walking through Tokyo from day until night, but it really didn’t make sense with the overall theme of the song. To anybody who’s considering buying this single, I only recommend it to those who either love the song or are hardcore Amuro otaku like I am.

02/21/2012 EDIT: Downloads disabled due to Megaupload takedown.


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