OLIVIA – The Cloudy Dreamer

OLIVIA - The Cloudy Dreamer
OLIVIA – The Cloudy Dreamer (CD+DVD)

Welcome to another Japanese Media post! Now that I have a MacBook, I decided to be a little Mac OS X friendly, so I changed the archive type to ZIP format instead of RAR. So, the only change is that you can either use the native Windows/Mac OS X tool to unzip the file, or a third-party program such as WinRAR. I’ll be updating the FAQ accordingly to reflect this change.

So, specific details about this release – it’s the latest mini-album from OLIVIA, otherwise known as Olivia Lufkin, the half-Japanese/American goth-loli princess of trashy pop/rock. I love her music, and while this was a solid release that echoes her newfound success for the first time in her career, I’m still more of a fan of the genre she made with her second album, The Lost Lolli. Nevertheless, this mini-album is kick-ass, and has more than enough rock to… umm… rock your socks off. She also veered away from her electronica tendencies in this mini-album, adopting the musical style of TRAPNEST from the anime, NANA, for which these songs were written, with the exception of the wonderful power ballad, Dream Catcher, the ED theme for the Jigoku Shoujo dorama. My recommendation on this album is Stars shining out (the PV is included in the DVD), though my most favorite song is Wish (English ver.). I actually like this version more than the original Japanese version – a first for me – but OLIVIA’s vocals really match in either language.

The second video clip is actually live footage that contains songs from The Lost Lolli and her single, a little pain. Her live performance, vocal-wise, wasn’t as accurate as they should be, but her vibrant energy during the performance was exuberating. That, and she’s just cute as a button!

I didn’t get a chance to post this last week, so I’m posting this today, along with Amuro Namie’s Baby Don’t Cry, which is the next post. Hope you enjoy them both, and feel free to leave comments!

02/21/2012 EDIT: Downloads disabled due to Megaupload takedown.


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