sabra Super extra DVD 47.

sabra 017 2006 12th October

Yes, it’s that time once again. I’m really surprised by the popularity of my sabra DVD uploads on YouTube. I mean, seriously, I get a handful of new subscribers everyday! Sex really does sell. But nobody cares about my blog anyway. *sigh* U_U

Anyway, I didn’t like the way YouTube handled the AC3 audio in the videos I uploaded, so I demuxed the AC3 audio tracks, converted them to stereo mixes, and then re-encoded them in MP3, muxing them back together with the videos. It’s a little bit more extra work, but I don’t mind (it just delays my posting). Speaking of delays, sorry for the lateness of this post. For some strange reason, YouTube’s default uploader was being stupid and wouldn’t transmit, so I reverted back to the plain uploader. Unfortunately, I was seeding torrents (I’m ALWAYS seeding torrents) so my upload speed was crap. Work was also busy, so I couldn’t do it then. Such is life.

There’s a blooper in this DVD. In the NEW FACE video of Nanase Ai (who is very kawaii!), her name appears as Sakura Mio halfway through. Disregard it – sabra frakked up.

Bad news, as well. I went to scan the magazine so I can actually start posting some pictures of the gravure photoshoots, when I found out that my scanner has an almost invisible line that runs down the middle of the glass. As a result, all scans have this line, and I don’t have the time to be photoshopping this issue when encoding the videos takes me long enough. I’m currently shopping for a new scanner, which is a shame – this one served me quite well for a while, and it’s super thin! In fact, it’s so thin that I shoved it under my desk, piled a 200-CD binder full of discs on top, and used it as a footrest. I think I might have a clue as to why my scanner is broken… X_x

You know the drill. Click the NSFW link to view the videos.

Yasu Megumi
Aizawa Hitomi
Masuki Ako

Amatsubo Haruna
– AUTO GALLERY Toukyou 2006 BEST 51 GIRLS [Zenpen]
Part 1
Part 2

– Mousougi ERO Gekijou ”if…’
Aizawa Haruka
Shibasaki Miyako

– Machi De Mitsuketa Kanban “Moe” MUSUME Dai 9 Kai
“pash cafe NAGOMI” Rin-chan

– “Shinjin-san Irasshai”
Sakura Mio
Nanase Ai

Enjoy, troops! Original kana/kanji can be found on each individual YouTube video’s comment.

UPDATE: Looks like sabra or some “user” complained, so Youtube took down the videos. In addition, they unfairly blocked my account! What a bunch of jerks. I will have to upload these videos using a different method later.


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  1. :???: how to download the sabra super extra dvd 47 video from japanese media?

  2. This is an earlier post, when I was only making these videos available on YouTube. Unfortunately, I won’t be offering these earlier downloads, but keep posted for newer offerings!

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