sabra Super extra DVD 42.

sabra 012 2006 13th July

Had a chance to rip the four featured JGirls off the sabra Super extra DVD 42 that came in the mail today. So, now that I ripped my own DVD and encoded it for YouTube, I’ll be posting the videos here. Mind you, I had spare time at work to do it, so hopefully, since I now have a process I can follow, this can be done relatively quickly whenever I get each issue of sabra. (NOTE: I realize that this entry broke my LiveJournal, but I’m using a new video plugin for WordPress in addition to the LiveJournal CrossPoster, and there’s not much I can do to get either plugin to cooperate. Sorry… you’ll have to visit my blog to see the actual videos and the rest of the entry.) (UPDATE: Temporarily fixed. You’ll still have to visit my blog to view the videos, but at least my LJ isn’t broken anymore.)

Hoshino Aki


Ootsuka Mae

Furuya Kaori

I picked up Madonna’s single CD, Sorry, and her documentary concert DVD, I’m Going To Tell You A Secret. I watched the documentary last night, and it was amazing. Seeing Madonna perform live was great, but it wasn’t the main focus of the DVD. You got to see what she’s like backstage, how she is around her crew, her husband, her kids, and the faith she has in her beliefs. She had a message all this time to send out, and this DVD puts it all together. A very good documentary. I need some concert stuff, so I’m going to be picking up The Drowned World Tour on DVD later. Kylie Minogue also put out another concert DVD called Showgirl. I’ll probably wait for a special edition release, since it comes in a standard DVD case with no other discerning features. After all, I picked up the limited edition of Live In Sydney on DVD, so why stop there?

Not much going on in the Japan front. Got a bit involved in some anime and Japanese language discussions on two forums. Put away a few episodes of KERORO Gunsou. I love how the show kept as faithful as possible to the manga, but still left room for jokes exclusive to the anime, as well as extra stories not seen in the manga.

Tomorrow is payday, and Basic Instinct 2 came out on DVD, so I’ll be renting that to watch this weekend. I also have Into The Blue, so I’ll have a chance to get wet and wild with the vivacious Jessica Alba this weekend. Sweeto.

02/21/2012 EDIT: Downloads disabled due to Youtube policy.


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