sabra Super extra DVD 46.

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Before you start to ask, yes, I did receive the previous issue with DVD 45. The problem was, instead of including their usual content, they filled it with full-hair nudes and simulated sex clips of the amazing Handa Sasa. Handa Sasa was a chaku-ero idol who, to the sudden shock of all her fans, made the move to AV. When she released her first nude photobook, guess who added it to cart the same day?

Me, of course, in case you couldn’t guess.

Anyway, since the content is quite inappropriate, I couldn’t post it on YouTube. I tried looking for some alternatives, but alas, it’s not meant to be. Maybe I’ll post a torrent someday (because of my crappy upload speed, I could never properly seed a torrent).

Ahem. Anyway, on with the show. As usual, I’ve posted all the videos from the GIRLS section of the DVD. However, I’ve also decided to start posting all the other sections of the DVD, except for the clip of the PEUGEOT Coupe 407. You can see that anywhere. Hot Japanese girls are exclusive! ^^

Click the NSFW link to continue.


Sato Hiroko

Yuuki Maomi

Taki Arisa

Harukawa Yuna


Machi De Mitsuketa Kanban ”Moe” MUSUME Dai 8 Kai


Sakurai Hina

Part 1
Part 2


Virtual Trip 2 ~Dakishimetai~
KONAN [Kouhen]

Mousougi ERO Gekijou “if…”
Kiari & Wakase Ayuna [Kouhen]
Osanai Sayaka


“Shinjin-san Irasshai”
Hasegawa Miku

And that’s all she wrote! That’s a lot of videos to encode and upload… whew. Until next time… @_@

02/21/2012 EDIT: Downloads disabled due to Youtube policy.

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