HIOS Life V Cover

I finally finished the drawing for the HIOS Life V cover. All that’s left is to color the thing.

HIOS Life Sketch – Minky-chan.

Well, I finally produced a sketch of one of the characters in HIOS Life V (beta name). If you compare my old style to this new one, you’ll notice a huge change. Mind you, this is only a sketch, and I fully expect my art style to evolve even further.


Haven’t pumped out much art in a while, so I decided to do a fanart for once. I think it turned out alright, especially using a cheapo tablet.

New Heihachi.

You know, I thought that months of no drawing practice would have rendered me drawing-handicapped or something, but this came out to be a surprise. This is the actual first color drawing I did on my Jam Studio tablet – and it didn’t turn out too bad. Mind you, I have a long ways to […]

Manga Maiko.

Taking a cue from my new art sensei (who suggested that I draw real life as opposed to anime), I decided to give it a try. Mind you, the face still ended up anime-ish. Well… nothing I can do about that. My brother is the one with the skills to draw real life, not me. […]

My Homemade Survey PLUG

Wouldn’t it be funny if I wasn’t? Well, the survey is now accessible through MugenHAN.com, which just went up this morning. If you don’t know what HIOS Life is, go here! Have fun! EDIT: Unfortunately, the survey doesn’t exist anymore, since the move to Blogger. As a result, all the possible results are posted below.

Heihachi from HIOS Life.

I decided to be adventurous and experimental with my artwork this time around, so I drew entirely in Adobe Illustrator. Holy crap, never even used the program before (well, I’ve started it up and boredly played with the tools a little bit), and I think I’ve got the hang of the tools! I did up […]

Untitled Manga Characters.

Here are the four new characters for the untitled manga series that will be replacing HIOS Life. If you compare this art style to my previous one, you’ll notice a lot. I’m actually using guidelines! OMG! Anyway, I’m not comfortable with this style yet, so I’ll be posting new artwork regularly until I’m ready to […]


I decided to emulate those famous “Calvin Klein” ads with this wallpaper, and it’s quite simplistic. The only thing I did was cut You-sama out of her background. Is it a coincidence that her last name starts with a “K”? ^_^

Manga Page #3 – Psycho Sensei Math-san.

For copyright infringement avoidance purposes, I renamed iMac to eMac. UPDATE: Today, Apple has a computer called the eMac. But, since this was created before the fact, there shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, this is a doodle anyway, and most likely won’t get published or sold.