Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, it’s the Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Lunar New Year to the rest of the world and World of WarCraft. I got to see the lion dance on TV and eat chai choy just now, so that’s probably the only time in the entire year that I’ll ever feel like I’m Chinese. […]

WoW is the reason for my absence.

I have to admit… World of WarCraft is one addictive game. James H joined the Shadow Raiders guild on the new Runetotem server, so I abandoned my rogue for now and created Lain, a Night Elf Druid. After getting to know some of my fellow guild members, I somehow found myself in charge of developing […]

The car battery, you say?

Kadena Reon – Hadaka No Reon Shashinshuu I got in a few orders the last couple of days. The first was Kadena Reon’s Hadaka No Reon shashinshuu. Shinoyama Kishin took the beautiful Reon-chan and photographed a gravure nude in his usual, artful manner. e-onna – August 2005 Zasshi e-onna – September 2005 Zasshi In the […]

Bad character design, but great story.

While waiting for the next episodes of Fate/stay night, Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~, and MAGIKANO, I decided to take a look at NOEIN Mou Hitori No Kimi He. The first episode introduced the characters and had the makings of a decent storyline, however, the character designs were horrible – they looked like an American attempt […]

Capcom crazy!!!

It’s the year of Capcom so far, and they’re leading the way with two hot titles for PS2. Shin Onimusha – DAWN OF DREAMS PlayStation 2 Game (NTSC J) A new villain, a new hero, a new allies system, this game looks like the game Onimusha 2 would have been proud of. This time around, […]

Who your real friends are.

You know who your real friends are when you’re the one who needs help. My car couldn’t start after work today. Judging from the 12:00 flasher on my dash, it was most likely my battery not having enough of a charge to start the car. That’s too bad. All around me, people were getting into […]

Almost a Bakuretsu Tenshi artbook.

Ugetsu Hakua – flamboyant Artbook Ugetsu Hakua’s flamboyant artbook is amazing. I can’t even begin to describe the quality of the pictures (nor do I want to scan them, I hate breaking or bending book spines). I mentioned earlier that I ordered this artbook, and I finally got it in yesterday. I would have posted […]

KOS-MOS (the second one).

It was a really bad day at work – a series of unfortunate events kept happening as if all the universe was out to get me. However, I wasn’t upset about it, really. In fact, I was in a rather lighthearted mood today. As a result, all these things that happened to me, I just […]

Internet Service Providers.

I just got a letter from Shaw telling me that I’m exceeding my bandwidth usage limit, and that I should reduce it. Or else what? So, they suggested that I upgrade to their business internet plans. I checked with their competitor, MTS. As much as I hate to say it, MTS’ business plans are far […]

MPC Playback Tutorial.

Well, due to the eventual advent of the new H.264/AVC codec standard, everybody is all afuss about jumping on the bandwagon to use it in their containers (most popular being AVI, MKV, and MP4). As a result (and a challenge) I’ve decided to do some research and compile a guide that will ensure you can […]