Major Repairs – Part 2

I got my car back from Canadian Tire yesterday. They got in and replaced all the parts required, but however, it took two weeks in the shop to do it, because as they disassembled components to get to the affected ones – they found problems on the way. For one – the strut mounts were […]

Major Repairs – Part 1

The Altima went into Canadian Tire this past weekend. The blower fan started making noise, so I had them order a new one and replace it. The muffler has been broken for several months now, but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of it. Anyway, I had them order a new muffler as well, but […]

The search for headers and a catback exhaust system.

While driving around and doing my work-related errands yesterday, I noticed something very strange. My car was a bit louder than usual when idling. It could have been because of the -40°C weather, but I decided to take a look when I was done and back at the office. The tip was hanging out of […]