[PV] Suzuki Ami – Eventful

Ami-chan went from cute to HOT. Chuu~ <3 Retirement makes idols hotter. Euro techno is so in! Suzuki Ami has been in retirement for almost 4 years. For a former idol to come back is almost unthinkable in Japan, yet she’s doing it. Everybody was thinking, ‘Oh, it won’t be long until she releases a […]

[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episode 5

Dangerous fantasy. Hungry. Not much action (or fan-service) in this one, but Mai is slowly coming to grips with her past, as well as her future as a HiME. Why do all girls love yaoi fantasies? Is it some kind of inherited trait? (Torrent: Baka-Updates)

[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episodes 2 to 4

Hot. Kagutsuchi. No panties. Tentacles! To the rescue! Undergarments from the sky. Hey, this show’s really coming along! I actually put away two episodes over the long weekend, but I was busy switching my website over to add them here. So, the next two episodes (2 and 3) focus on Mai, who slowly finds out […]


I’ve gone and done it! I went and made a Blogger for my website! From now on, all my personal life posts will be posted there, so click here to go there now or just go to my website in the links list.

Public Morning Musume Tracker on Hiatus

For those of you who visit the PMM Tracker that I’ve listed on this LiveJournal, they are now on hiatus due to bandwidth costs/issues. I’m hoping they will come back, but it’s pretty certain that they won’t, due to the fact that bandwidth is so costly, and accepting money for distributing multimedia content becomes a […]

[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episode 1

Stare. 兄弟じゃないだ。 The sword is mightierthan the truck! A hidden power unleashed. Mai can see a red star in the sky. Despite this, she’s a normal high school girl, on a cruise ship with her brother, on their way to their new school. Yuuichi and Shiho, who are NOT siblings. befriend them. However, this isn’t […]

Venting Warning Ahead.

Man, I’m finally taking this writing thing seriously and nobody seems to be giving me a second glance! I posted my entire series of HACK-R and I got ONE review. So? What about the other people who seemingly read it? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you even finish the damn thing? […]

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell

When I was in high school, Marilyn Manson was all the rage, and everybody was listening to The Beautiful People. It was a good single, and it was the definition of heavy metal in those days. However, I came across an album in the music store that caught my attention – The Great Southern Trendkill. […]

World Of WarCraft – WOW!

Click For A Bigger Image. World Of WarCraft definitely has amazing visuals. The time of day even reflects in the game itself (it moves along in real time). So, to catch this sunset, I had to wait until 21:00 at just the right moment to take this particular screenshot. Mind you, the sun actually sets […]

Desperate Housewives

Did anybody hear that segment of Wheeler & Hal this morning? They made a hilarious parody of Desperate Housewives called Desperate Grandmas. I laughed so hard, I’m sure that the lawyers next door to me heard it. “I’ll take off my dentures and show you a good time, sonny.” Hahahaha.