The one with the lack of cash and addiction withdrawal.

– Buying stuff with donated money equals free stuff.
– Tabula Rasa screenshots.
– Tricking myself into not buying stuff.
– Jennilee is here, rearranging our house, breaking my TV. ;_;
– New Atreyu.
– All by myself at work again.

Tabula Rasa.

NCSoft, developer of Guild Wars, City Of Heroes, City Of Villains, and Lineage, are developing a new MMORPG in the form of a third-person action game called, Tabula Rasa. I just signed up for the beta test, but I think I might be too late, since the game is scheduled to release this October. Still, […]

The one with BlizzCon 2007.

– Thoughts about BlizzCon 2007.
– NOT going to Nickelback with Megan.
– Final big purchases and loan payments.
– DVD head units with built-in LCD screens don’t affect your driving… honest!