The pond on the highway.

Here’s a landscape photo of a pond that I drove by on the way to Wabowden today. On the way back (after getting pulled over by the police for speeding – see this entry on my main blog), I saw the pond again and decided to pull over to snap it. I was getting eaten […]

Cloudscapes and Rainstorm.

Late afternoon shot in front of my home. The shot had actually failed and the sun’s ray caused an overexposure at the top of the photo, but I cropped it and kept the result – the rays give off a subtle glow of different colors. Moments just before a huge rainstorm took place. This formation […]

Full Moon Wo Sagashite.

Searching for the full moon. With my mediocre camera, it couldn’t be more true. The night was full of color, but my camera just wouldn’t capture it. Not only that, but if I set the ISO too high, the moon would’ve been too noisy to see anyway. This failed photoshoot is one of the sole […]

CMOS Chip.

Remember the hacking I did to that Dell Latitude laptop? I actually took photos of the procedure, but it didn’t pan out the way I wanted to, what with the lack of proper lighting and the limits of my camera’s macro mode. However, I took the photo regardless and came up with this rather innovative […]

Cloudscapes. My first Photography post.

Sorry for leaving this page blank for so long. Finally, here is some photography for everybody. I took this at work one day, just as the sun was rising. We don’t have a red sun where I live, so we have to settle with blinding white light. However, the cloud formations were very beautiful that […]