Two years later…

It’s only been a year and change since I last posted anything, but it’s been two years since Japan made my heart go doki-doki. Heck, I barely even used or studied my nihongo during that time. I didn’t know why, but I lost interest in everything Japan. What happened?

My apologies for neglecting HANSHOU.

I’M SORRY. >_<

Site layout, change up!

Well, you may have noticed that my site layout changed almost two months ago. I’ve been busy trying to keep up with life and all its surprises. Recently, I went to Ai-kon in Winnipeg – my first convention ever. It was pretty good; not awesome, but good. I’ll eventually start blogging again, now that I’ve […]

The one with the third or fourth server move.

– I’m moving!
– I’m consolidating!
– Now 50% less fat and 25% more otaku!

The one with the site rebuild.

– Update on the progress of the new site.
– That’s pretty much it. Hmm.

The one with the blog move and upgrade.

– Major outage yesterday explained.
– Some questions answered.
– Future plans for this blog.