I’m Y, a self-certified 日本ファイル (that’s Japan-phile for the non-Japanese reading people out there) who lives in a small Canadian town. I love manga/anime character design, which bleeds into anime-related works including video games. I also like Japanese pop culture, and I have some rather overpowered computer skills that allow me to purchase, download, watch, archive, and stream Japanese media like: anime, drama, TV shows, music, figures, movies, CMs, PVs, etc. I consider myself a less popular and unsuccessful Danny Choo; it’s not as sad as it sounds, though.

To those of you who are visiting for the first time – thanks for checking it out! I’ve been on the Web and blogging about Japanese POPUKARU (pop culture) since the early 2000’s before blogging was even a word. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all, you’ll lacry (laughing while crying or vice versa).

As I mentioned briefly above, my site is no Danny Choo (although we both grew up under similar circumstances, just in different countries; and his life ended up different (read: awesome) than mine), but it doesn’t mean I don’t like POPUKARU any less. I mostly keep this blog around for a hobby and to chronicle my life admiring this strange yet wonderful world of moe.

I used to be quite the poster child for the typical otaku who lived in his hobby, but I’ve matured over the past couple years and decided to make this strictly a hobby, not a life. I’m actually pretty normal otherwise, but I guess I can be pretty scary when fully immersed. A good example would be Kirino from Oreimo, except I’m not really into imouto eroge… or any other weird fetish eroge… I like straight eroge, okay? And I don’t even play a lot of eroge anyway.

Over the years, I’ve become a well rounded individual who happens to like anime and POPUKARU. Thanks to hikikomori culture, I decided not to walk that path.